5 ways to avoid divorce

Kids playing on the beach1)   Marry the right person. This may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many people really do marry the wrong person, or fail to take sufficient time to make sure they make the right decision. Far better to try and ensure a correct decision than have to undo the wrong on later. Divorce is never easy.

2)   Don’t expect your spouse to change. People do not fundamentally change, annoying habits do not go away, things that irritate you are never going to get any better. Learn to love the characteristics of your partner.

3)   Beware of holidays.  Holidays, particularly when you have children, can be very stressful. Peak times for divorce are September after the summer holidays and January after Christmas. This may be because the family is spending time together, or expectations were too high.  Be realistic – the ideal family does not exist – nor the perfect holiday.

4)   In a similar vein beware of Christmas. It can be an extremely stressful experience entertaining other family members, dealing with over-excited children or concluding that you cannot face another Christmas in with your current partner.

5)   Remember the grass is not always greener. You may not be married to the perfect person, but what is the alternative? Would you rather put up with the person you are living with than being on your own or taking a chance with someone new?

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