5 more ways to avoid divorce

2 children at the window1)   Children. They can be a source of great joy, but also of great stress. Becoming parents introduces a different dynamic to your relationship. Be prepared to adapt to this and support one another.

2)   Take a look at your spouse’s parents – this is what he/she is likely to become. If you like what you see, fine – if not, a possible warning sign!

3)   Talk to somebody who has gone through the process – find out what it’s really like to go through a divorce. Some people never recover from the experience, but others go on to something better. Decide what the experience is likely to be for you. Most lawyers will offer a free interview session to get some basic facts, but don’t forget the emotional cost.

4)   Think about your friends. If you separate from your partner, how are they going to deal with it?  Who stays friends with whom? It can cause immense difficulties. But friends can provide essential support to enable you to survive the experience of separating.

5)    If you do decide there is no alternative to separating – do it collaboratively, avoid the stress and expense of a court process, which merely polarises and antagonises both parties. If you have children you will both want to be involved in their upbringing so if you cannot stay together, at least separate in a way that enables you to remain in one sense or another a family.

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