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Why choose Mediation?

Going to court to try to resolve a dispute can be a lengthy, costly process. In addition, it can also result in a decision you don’t like but will have to abide by. Most family lawyers will encourage you to reach an agreement with your partner and only recommend going to court as a last resort.

So why should you choose mediation for divorce instead of going to court?

For one, it’s quicker. Discussing an issue with your partner in front of a mediator often means that the issue is resolved right there and then.

It’s much faster than talking to your lawyer, who then drafts a letter to your partner’s lawyer, who then talks to your partner, and then drafts a letter back to your lawyer. And if you’re not happy with your partner’s response, you will have to start all over again.

Using divorce mediation is not just faster, it’s also cheaper. If you are experiencing a divorce or separation, there are many issues that need to be resolved – from how your children are looked after to the questions of where you will each live and how to divide your finances. If you need legal assistance to resolve each issue, charges will soon start to add up.

In mediation, the mediator will help and encourage you to resolve many of these issues yourself, helping to reduce the cost of your divorce.

Reaching an agreement with your partner through mediation will often help you have a better relationship after your divorce. In addition, it will also give you a measure of closure and allow you to move on with your life more quickly than if you argue your way through the courts.

Mediation is a proven way to a less stressful divorce.