First of all, remember that the average legal cost for each person going through the court process to a Final Hearing can be anything from £5,000 to £10,000 under normal circumstances, and up to £50,000 or even beyond that for complex cases.

Mediation has to be a better option: you arrive at your own solutions, the process is under your control and you decide the number of sessions you have.

We offer initial telephone conversations for no charge.

The cost of an individual initial meeting or a MIAMS is £100.

The cost of a Mediation meeting is £100 per hour for each person, payable at the end of every meeting. Most people need between two and four sessions of an hour and a half.

The cost of preparing all documentation, including the Open Summary of Financial Information and Memorandum of Association.

Given the variation in individual circumstances it is difficult to give a fair estimate of average costs.

We can offer appointments during the evening and at weekends as well as during office hours.

There is no VAT payable.

We offer £500 worth of free mediation. This is funding available to everyone for joint child-related mediation meetings. Contact us for more information
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