First of all, remember that the average legal cost for each person going through the court process to a Final Hearing can be anything from £5,000 to £10,000 under normal circumstances, and up to £50,000 or even beyond that for complex cases.

Mediation has to be a better option: you arrive at your own solutions, the process is under your control and you decide the number of sessions you have.

We offer initial telephone conversations for no charge.

The cost of an individual initial meeting or a MIAM is £120 (no VAT).

The cost of a mediation meeting whether about children, finances or both is £140 per hour for each person. That is £280 between you, and this is payable at the end of each meeting. This enables you to keep track of and control of costs. There are no other charges other than the preparation of specific documents.

Most people need between two and four meetings. The length of those meetings is determined by you and your particular circumstances.

The cost of preparing documentation such as an Open Summary of Financial Information and Memorandum of Understanding will be discussed, and an estimate provided depending on the amount of work involved. It is generally in the region of £300.

There is no VAT payable on any of the charges.

We can offer evening and weekend appointments as well as during office hours

The Government voucher scheme

We offer this to anyone who may be eligible. It is not means tested. The criteria is that you are either parents of school age children or are seeking mediation about such children (such as disputes about grandchildren).

We apply for the funding on your behalf and the scheme provides up to £500 towards the cost of joint meetings. It does NOT cover the initial individual MIAM appointment.

Legal aid

Legal aid is available for mediation – but we do not provide legal aid. Unlike the Government voucher scheme, legal aid is means tested. At the moment Universal Credit is a passporting benefit which means that if one person is or becomes entitled to Universal Credit – legal aid is available for mediation.

It does occasionally happen that a couple begins mediation with us and then one person becomes entitled to Universal Credit and as a result you become eligible for legal aid. If this is a possibility we suggest that you consider in advance what you would want to happen if this should arise. The consequence of becoming eligible for legal aid is that you would either have to switch to a mediation service that provides legal aid or continue to pay for mediation with us.