Your children are perhaps the main reason to consider mediation as it can help parents find ways of co-operating and indeed co-parenting into the future.

Your children do not want to see you arguing. Research clearly shows that children can cope better with their parents’ separation, if parents can co-operate rather than be in conflict.

Mediation children’s issues can:

  • Enable parents to explore your children’s needs and preferences
  • Help to identify ways of communicating in the future
  • Help parents discuss issues such as routines and ideas about discipline
  •  Help you and your children deal with the fact that your family is changing. Each child needs to be treated individually and it may take a while before everyone settles into a new family structure
  • Enable parents together to explore how their children may view the separation

This raises the issue of what to tell your children, when and how. Do your children need a voice?  See Child Consultation.